Yeo Valley


We’re all about great taste the right way, and we make delicious dairy including Natural, Greek Style, fruited, children’s and Top Notch Yeogurts, proper butter, milk, ice cream and frozen Yeogurt, as well as fruit compotes and rice pudding. The farm is ‘100% Yeoganic’, which is the company’s way of being organic and a little bit more – it goes the extra country mile to look after its land, animals and people. Did you know the top six inches of soil support all life on land? That means we really need to look after it, so Yeo Valley takes great pride in farming its land to create the very best soil it can. Supporting British family farming is at the heart of everything the farm does, which includes buying British organic ingredients whenever it can.


Bristol BS40 7YE
United Kingdom


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01761 462 798

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