WUKA creates the world’s most sustainable and luxurious period underwear. The pants are your complete tampon and pad replacement, and can be worn for up to eight hours depending on your flow. The pants come in two absorbencies (light and heavy) and, even better, they are machine washable for a fuss-free period. You can wear it up to 8 hours on light days, 4-6 hours on your heavy days or all night. They hold at least 20ml of period flow or light leaks - around 4 tampons worth. They’re made from luxurious, soft and eco-friendly Lenzing® MicroModal fabric, with a super absorbent hi-tech fabric and moisture barrier that makes the pants period proof. Perfect for sports and active lifestyles, WUKA doesn’t slip or rustle like a pad or liner and controls odour, too. The Tween size range is specifically designed for Tween shapes aged 9 to 13, and the adult range comes insides 4 to 20. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can try WUKA for 40 days risk-free with free shipping to the UK.


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