Wowo Campsite


Wowo Campsite, in Wapsbourne in the heart of Sussex, comprises four main camping fields plus a beautiful wooded area called Tipi Trail. All of this is surrounded by beautiful Sussex countryside, and the Pellingford Brook runs through the centre of the campsite to provide water-edge camping. The special Tipi Trail – woodland camping at its best – is nestled alongside the brook. There are lots of glamping options available for first-time campers or those who prefer a bit of luxury – and Pizza, Fish & chip and Paella vans park up next to reception to serve hot food during the high season. Lower Brook - Alice’s Yurt is in the top corner of this field, next to the brook. This is the smallest field and is best suited for quiet couples and small families. The brook flows past the field along the whole southern edge, so campers can fall asleep to the mesmerising sound of trickling water. Being surrounded by tall trees on both sides makes this field feel enclosed and sheltered, so your campfire won’t get blown out while you’re cooking. Middle Brook - This is the first field on the right as you walk from reception. Middle Brook is also parallel to the brook on the northern side, so once again campers can enjoy sounds of running water. At the far end there is also a stepping stone to cross over the brook, leading into Tipi Trail and beyond. Instead of plain grass this field is predominantly clover. Only the top half of this field is used for camping so the bottom half is available for you to play games like football and frisbee. The corners of this field are often suitable for larger groups, as you can arrange yourselves in circles with the bottom of the field serving as your own play area. This field is the closest to the main facilities and also the walk to the Sloop Pub. Lower Moat - Wowo’s largest camping field, Lower Moat, has a large, hand-dug moat on two sides. This is a beautiful field with a lot of history. The kids will entertain themselves on one of the many rope swings all around the field and generally be falling up and down the moat and into rabbit holes leading to wonderland! There are large, flushable compost loos in the far-right corner as well as a pot wash unit with six washing-up sinks, all to save you the hassle of walking back to the main facilities. Lower Moat is also where you’ll find the village area (top-centre). The Village is where on-site musicians will entertain you some evenings of the week, usually Saturday, and where the soup is served every Saturday during the summer. Plus there's Grassy Field and the Wowo Village!


Wapsbourne, Sussex
United Kingdom


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