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Traditionally, shepherd's huts would simply have had a bed, a wood burning stove and a medicine cabinet for the shepherds to tend their flock during lambing season. However, The Yorkshire Hut Company’s hand crafted shepherd’s huts are designed and made with your individual needs in mind from the conception through to completion. We recognise the use for shepherd's huts is extremely versatile as well as the variety of individual needs and desires when commissioning a shepherd’s hut from The Yorkshire Hut Company. Therefore, we see it as our job to make sure we work with you to provide you with the shepherd’s hut you truly want and desire. Our huts make an ideal and stunning alternative to conventional garden structures, and are designed for uses such as home offices, artists' studios, childrens' playrooms, fishing huts, quiet hideaways, bed & breakfasts, or simply an extra family room & bedroom ; at a fraction of the cost of other, less stunning or versatile structures. Having a romantic and authentic feel and charm, a Yorkshire Hut Company shepherd's hut looks as at home in any urban garden, as in the heart of the countryside. Furthermore, because they are on wheels, they do not need planning permission as in most circumstances as they are classed as “mobile”. Internal options include double bed/sofa, upper bunk bed, desks, bespoke cupboards, shelving, drop leaf tables, desks or whatever else you may require. The internal designs are extremely versatile lending themselves to creating anything from a contemporary feel to one which is rural and rustic, and all in between. There are a range of handmade wood burning stoves to choose from should you require one, from a stove which can be used to heat the shepherd's hut further, to a wood burning oven to cook on and in. You can choose to have your handmade Shepherd’s Hut fitted with power sockets and lighting and can take advantage of the complete design service that we also offer to meet all individual needs and requirements. Those wishing for added luxury may wish to have underfloor heating, though this is by no means a necessity in these fabulously well insulated shepherd's huts. Therefore, when you order a shepherd’s hut from us, you can rely on it having being made with attention to detail, care, over 25 years experiences and passion, but also that your shepherd’s hut will fulfil your individual desires and requirements.


York, Yorkshire YO23 3TN
United Kingdom


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