The Rose Tree


The Rose Tree is a multiple award winning British beauty brand with a focus on extraordinary organic products for body and soul. Designed for modern women who want to look and feel amazing in today’s frantic-paced lifestyle. ...If multi-tasking is your middle name and stress has become your new best friend, The Rose Tree has helped hundreds of women just like you to care for and nourish their skin and minds and to feel amazing, without taking hours that you don't have. Sensitive skin, tricky skin that breaks out, dry skin? We have you covered. Or just plain wiped put and in need of some serious rest and relaxation? Ditto. Products designed to be first and foremost effective, to make your life easier, to care for and nourish your skin in an honest way. To nurture and coax tricky into looking the best it can. To calm and soothe and give your skin a natural glow. We use flower and plant oils with therapeutic benefits, to relax your mind and body, de-stress your mind, energise you. Proudly manufactured in Britain. “A British-made, luxurious, organic brand that particularly suits sensitive skin. Perfect for the mum who likes her beauty all natural." - The Independent


United Kingdom


  • Organic Skincare
  • Organic Bodycare
  • Organic Handcare
  • Natural Wax Candles.
  • My Green Directory HERO

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