The Culinary Caveman


After years of research, it is has been found that the modern diet, dominated by processed foods, is deficient in a number of essential nutrients. The Culinary Caveman Powders have been developed to revitalise, re-harmonise and balance the human organism, offering a superlative array of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. These powders address this problem. With all ingredients being sourced from mineralized soils, most are also organic and raw. By using only the plants richest in the key essential nutrients as well as a whole abundance of phytonutrients. The ingredients of each powder have been chosen because they provide the best amount of a desired mineral and vitamin, hence pure vitamin C from acerola cherry is in most of the range. Nettles are amazing for their balance of calcium and magnesium and linseeds can’t be beaten for omega-3. Humans have been designed as omnivores, so the vegan diet, as healthy as it is, can be deficient in some nutrients found predominately in animal and dairy products. The best-known of these often missing nutrients are vitamins B12, D3 and K and the amino acids creatine and lysine. As the Caveman’s philosophy is holism not reductionism, the powders deliver a bursting nutrient package from a diversity of super healthy ingredients. The world of plants and health at your fingertips . . . Which one is for you?


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