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ECOCIDE is serious loss, damage or destruction of ecosystems, and includes climate and cultural damage. We believe ECOCIDE should be recognised as an atrocity crime at the International Criminal Court - alongside Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. A SIMPLE LEGAL PROCESS Any member state, however small, can propose an amendment to the International Criminal Court's governing document, the Rome Statute. Once tabled, it cannot be vetoed. When two thirds of ICC members sign up to it, it becomes law. A POWERFUL WAY TO CHANGE INDUSTRY DIRECTION A criminal law prevents investors from backing ecocidal practices, and insurers from underwriting them. Persons of superior responsibility - CEOs and government ministers - become individually criminally responsible for ecocide which they recklessly cause or contribute to (eg by engaging in ecocidal practices or issuing permits for them). HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? Those with the greatest incentive - small island nations at the frontline of climate breakdown - already have the power to propose this amendment. All they require is: *expert legal support and practical assistance… which we can provide. *the safety of public support and visibility… which you can provide. By becoming an Earth Protector, you’re supporting both these things. Find out more...


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