Sofia Latif


Sofia Latif believes oils have the power to create healthy and strong skin. She also believes that our time is precious. Using the time at the end of each day to reconnect mind to senses is a more holistic approach to skincare. Luxuriate in a skincare routine using her precious, waterless blends, which are made with 100% pure plant oils and nothing else – all selected for their nourishing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory powers. Made in small batches in London, the signature face oil comes in amber glass bottles to preserve the oils from light and to make them easy to recycle. Sofia Latif also offers a return for recycling service via the website. Sofia Latif signature face oil comes in two sizes: a 30ml bottle for your dressing table and a 10ml bottle ideal for weekends away or holidays. Sofia Latif - Vegan Natural Skincare.



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