Every single ingredient in our eco-smart washing system is biodegradable so Simply Sensitive and Simply Pure Powder-tabs place the smallest possible burden on the environment. Our product is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, phosphate free and is fully dermatologically tested. We have been awarded the EU Eco Label and support The National Eczema Society, by using Simply as a consumer you will help reduce water pollution, energy consumption and waste production. To help keep the togs of hardy explorers and scientists freshly laundered, Aquados (the company behind Simply) supplies Simply products to the Australian Antarctic Division and to Scott Base in Antarctica. This is for two reasons: Simply Washing’s outstanding performance and the requirement for these stations to have zero environmental impact on their surroundings. Aquados managing director, Gerry Hinton, says, ‘Many conventional washing powders contain unnecessary bulking agents, which essentially means more “dirty” waste released into rivers and waterways. Using Simply products not only does a great job cleaning clothes, but actually saves water without polluting side-effects.’ Simply conserves water because it comes in individually packaged doses of powder that dissolve instantly on contact with water, which means that the washing process can begin immediately. The oxygen-based cleaning agents are time-released so they tackle stains constantly throughout the wash cycle, rather than all in one blast. The overall result is that Simply, with its super-concentrated powder, is three times more effective than traditional ‘big-box’ offerings. Simply Washing SoftTabs come in tubs that sit neatly in the kitchen.


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