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Reiki Maya is a centre dedicated to teach the most authentic and original system of Reiki – Usui Reiki. We explore the evolution of this system as well as other powerful Reiki techniques available today such as Holy Fire Reiki. In fact we are the leading UK practitioner of Holy Fire Reiki and invite you to explore this very powerful reiki technique with us. Reiki Maya was set up five years ago by Miguel Chavez, with the aim of spreading awareness of healing and love through reiki classes, courses and retreats. Miguel Chavez, the lead teacher at Reiki Maya, was born in a spiritual temple in Mexico where he spent the first 12 years of his life surrounded by healers and shamans. Miguel has taught over 1,000 students and most have reported life-changing experiences caused by reiki’s healing energies. Reiki Maya is a spiritual business based in ‘Buddha on a Bicycle’ in London’s Covent Garden. Reiki Maya courses are taught from the heart, breaking the academic dogma of learning. Students are encouraged to learn through their own body sensations, intuition and gut instincts. Reiki Maya is a safe and loving space where you can feel free and whole.


27 Endell St
London WC2H 9BA
United Kingdom


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