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Pure & Light complex formulations have the ability to sense and intelligently adapt to your unique skin condition and its ever-changing requirements! Conventional practice calls for a different product for every different skin type, condition, and age. The result is a plethora of individual products attempting to address every possible skin condition imaginable. This fails to take into account the fact that no one actually has one skin type, and everyone’s skin is in a constant state of flux. At Pure & Light Organic Skincare we have a profound respect for the intelligence of the body and its largest organ, the skin. We recognize that it is a living, breathing, complex organism that is continually changing. So we create products that are made from the same kind of complex organisms that intelligently adapt to your skin – whether it’s hyper-sensitive, dry, dull, dehydrated, mature, oily, blemished or eczema-prone! In other words, every single product in our range works beautifully on all types of skin! No need for you to stress over which products are “right” for you to purchase, to use for day or night, or to pack for your next trip. Our complex and intelligent formulations simplify your life! https://pureandlightorganic.eu


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