Handmade, Vegan beard care products with 100% natural ingredients. Take a look our beard oils, balms and shampoos. So which Is Best - Balm or Oil? Balm or oil can be a confusing question in a man’s daily care routine. We hope to help you understand what both of these grooming products do and which one is best for you. Our specialist vegan balm helps you style and shape your facial hair. Our handmade balms will assist with the moisturising factor that your facial hair needs, while providing a good hold for styling, and also make your beard look thicker and fuller. Beard oil is a fantastic way to moisturise your facial hair and will leave your skin feeling well conditioned, it will soften, moisturise, reduce itchiness and reduce flaky skin. In addition it can also act as a good deodorizer. You can find both scented and unscented on our online store. All our products are cruelty free and our packaging is responsibly sourced and recyclable. originalbeard.co


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