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Not 1 Bean only supply authentic speciality graded coffee. Every bag of Not 1 Bean coffee is roasted in a developing country where the income and jobs are absolutely vital. We're a British company, our owners have been in Colombia permanently since 2010 and we have one aim, to see a little more of the vast profits from within the coffee production chain stay with the people who have the most to lose, the farmers, their families and communities. Not 1 Bean enables and pays the farmers to roast their own coffee not only raises the quality of the product but brings a real and sustainable income to them and their families. By paying the same workers to roast their own coffee careers are created and coffee farming becomes a sustainable product across the developing world. Not 1 Bean coffee will always be roasted in the developing world and the coffee is flown the day after being roasted; it never sits in warehouses. This means that not only do farm workers earn much more than just a subsistence wage, but you the consumer receive the freshest possible coffee on the market anywhere. We're on our farms every day - how would we guarantee quality otherwise? Choose from a range of Colombian Coffee Beans.


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