Myenergi is an award-winning British designer and manufacturer of renewable products that increase the self-consumption of green energy. At Myenergi our mission is simple, to help businesses and homeowners save money through reducing their energy bills and ultimately become part of a sustainable future. We are continuously developing effective, sustainable, easy to use green products for your home and business, supplying tens of thousands of properties Nationwide and now Globally. From domestic products to export control for privately owned turbines or small solar farms, surplus energy that is exported back to the National Grid can be as high as 80%, we make systems whereby 100% of that micro-generated energy can be self-consumed. Our market-leading range of energy control products boasts British design, compliance and the latest eco technology to minimise reliance on mains supply. For instance, the Zappi, an Electric Vehicle charge point that has an array of features & flexibility - the first on the market to maximise your home/businesses micro-generation of Solar or Wind. Our in-house team of experts work on everything from invention, design and manufacture, so we know our products inside out and we offer excellent technical support and aftercare.


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