We assemble your individual bicycle of your dreams for you. We do not just believe that a bicycle should meet all your needs perfectly, but we are also convinced that every single part of our value chain should profit in equal measure. That's why we generate and secure jobs in Ghana. Our income grants access to good education and a self-determined life to children in the region. Our fixed targets till 2020: *Every customer is able to find their dream bamboo bike for an appropriate price *We finance and operate our school in Ghana with the income of our production *More than 60 secured and fair-paid jobs have been generated in Ghana Bamboo is a unique material. It is light, extremely stable and is matchlessly shock-absorbing. We combine these excellent characteristics with the best bike parts you can get. We are travelling to Ghana annually and optimize the manufacturing processes and quality control, to ensure every my Boo frame is perfect. In a caring procedure we control our frames by following a detailed checklist. Every my boo bamboo bike is assembled by hand at our workshop in Kiel in Northern Germany and is checked by our master-mechanics. When everything is just perfect, your dream-bike starts on its journey to you.



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