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People have fasted since the beginning of time – it’s hardwired into us from hunter-gatherer days. Whether fasting to cleanse, diet or for spiritual or religious reasons, lots of research is emerging about the potential health benefits of putting the body into a fasting state. Madal Bal is the essential ingredient for making the ‘fasting support drink’ for programmes like the Lemon Detox and Master Cleanse. Mixed with lemon juice, water and a pinch of cayenne pepper, the drink can also be used on 5:2 or other intermittent fasting programmes. The drink provides the body with essential energy and nutrients in liquid form, allowing the digestive system to rest. It sates hunger pangs by providing a baseload of energy and nutrients, making it easier for you to fast. Madal Bal was developed by Swiss naturopaths and is a unique blend of six different high-grade maple and palm tree saps, each chosen for their specific nutrient properties. A unique and delicious blend of high grade Canadian maple syrup and five selected Asian tree syrups from Asian palms trees including the coconut, palmyra and kitul trees. It’s the essential ingredient for the Lemon Detox fasting drink. 1000ml tin – suitable for supporting 5-6 days of fasting
 500ml tin – suitable for supporting 2-3 days of fasting Contains only naturally occurring sugars. No additives or preservatives. Pasteurised. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


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