Discover stylish bags, wallets and accessories made from sustainable cork leather. The special material cork leather alone gives our products the certain "something" that our fashion-conscious customers are looking for Cork is a durable and sustainable alternative to leather, and could be the answer to slowing down fast fashion. Korkallee's ethical and sustainable Vegan handbag collection are PETA-Approved, Vegan quality and 100% cruelty-free. Handmade in Portugal from renewable cork fabric. the 100% natural material is soft, lightweight, anti-allergic, wear and water resistant Korkalllee products revolve around cork or the noble cork leather, which is extracted and refined from the raw material cork. The material surprises with an unbeatable positive ecological balance - hardly any raw material combines as many positive qualities as the cork oak. We, as a sustainable thinking company, want to follow this example. We actively engage with our suppliers and with you, our customers, to protect the environment. Of each product sold, we therefore donate EUR 1 to the Green Cork, a non-profit project, to support the afforestation of Portuguese cork oak forests and safeguard current stocks. www.korkallee.de



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