Joolz wants to create healthy and meaningful experiences for babies and parents. From pregnancy to first day at school. With complete, ergonomic and attractive products, excellent service and inspiring ideas for a healthy, happy life. For us, it's all about babies, parents and their environment. Our products are designed around the human body, that of the parent and that of the child. With ergonomics experts and in collaboration with our users. We relieve backs, support feet and welcome legs of any length behind our pushchairs. No inconvenience and stress, but comfort and inner peace. Good for body and mind. We continuously look for ways to improve. We imagine new features, services, tools and other ideas that create many happy and meaningful experiences for babies and parents. We challenge ourselves to dream bold dreams. With dedication, both feet on the ground and a smile on our face we work to make them real. We like to celebrate the good things in life. Beautiful, smart, sustainable, healthy, happy meaningful moments and experiences, ideas and innovations. We love to collect them and share them with you. Positive, inspiring notes and other things that contribute to health and happiness. We feel connected with our users and their environment. We enjoy contributing to local initiatives that make the world a bit better, healthier or just more fun. Things that meet our philosophy, positive design. Joolz is based in Amsterdam and was founded by Joolz' creative director Emile Kuenen. The initial idea behind Joolz was born in 2005, while cruising the Amsterdam canals with friends on a boat, enjoying the late afternoon sun. Today, Joolz is available in more than 20 countries worldwide. And yet, it still feels like that inspiring afternoon. The start of a great journey. For every pushchair we sell, we plant a tree in the Joolz Birth Forest, in Colombia. Our partnership with Vision Textiles is something we’re extremely proud of. From cottonseed to washing label seam, together we produce the Joolz Essentials collection made with the softest 100% organic cotton. We are housed in a sustainably renovated factory with inspirational greenhouses, 200 solar panels on the roof and other smart energy-neutral solutions, which helps us to further grow our Positive Design.


Distelweg 89
1031 HD


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