Huskup is a reusable coffee cup made from rice husk, not plastic. Biodegradable, durable and free from plastic, Huskup is tackling the UK’s disposable culture one coffee at a time with a brand new reusable cup made from rice husks. Using the outer hull of the rice grain, a natural and robust material that would otherwise be burnt in the fields, Huskup is harnessing an abundant waste product and giving the planet a helping hand – even before the first coffee is poured. There’s no melamine, BPA or toxins. No nasties leach into your drink so it’s safe to reheat your coffee in the microwave and load in the dishwasher, too. Huskup has teamed up with like-minded independent artists to create great looking, original and environmentally friendly products. By reusing your Huskup you can save money at your coffee shop and enjoy making a positive move away from plastic for the planet, too. Specifications *Available in Huskup Artist Series collections: the Mono, Vintage Floral and Simple Colours of the Year *12oz/Medium, room for foam (if you like that sort of thing) *80% rice husks and 20% natural starches *No melamine, no plastic, no BPA, no toxins, tree-free *Recyclable food grade silicone lid and sleeve included


United Kingdom


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