Green Oil


We make the world's greenest range of bicycle maintenance products. The Green Oil range is biodegradable, we use recycled plastic for our 100ml and 30ml bottles and tubs, and support British manufacturing - not just design - we actually make our products in Great Britain. And our products really work. Some people think it's OK to use petrochemicals and PTFE on your bike. We don't - because it means getting these chemicals on your skin, garden and the environment. Green Oil UK started in a garden shed in 2007 with a single chain lube, and has grown ever since. Rider owned and run, the company mission is to provide quality products that are better for the environment. From the original biodegradable formulas to the 100% recycled plastic bottles now used, the award winning Green Oil UK is truly greening the bike industry. Join the Green Oil revolution!


245 Coldharbour Lane
Unit S7, The Old Granary
London SW9 8RR
United Kingdom


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