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Green Element is an Environmental Management Consultancy based in London and Edinburgh. We offer a range of Environmental Services to all types of organisations from small SME’s up to large corporations. It has put together a Small Business Package, aimed specifically at SMEs looking to reduce their carbon footprint. This package has been designed to help your business understand its environmental footprint and to help you implement an Environmental Management System for a very low price. The Environmental Impact Assessment and Cost Savings Analysis will help you create a positive environmental awareness campaign, therefore saving money and increasing the bottom line. Research has shown that when your company ‘becomes’ more environmental, productivity increases! The assessment takes 1.5 days and a member of the Green Element team will visit your business to present to you and your team and gather the data. You’ll receive a full review of energy, waste, water and reducing and recycling waste in your SME. Green Element will also review how you travel, and create a plan to monitor business travel. It will assess how you are able to make sustainable purchasing decisions from paper to cleaning products. The team will present on environmental legislation – how it impacts your business and what you can do to comply – and host an interactive presentation to all staff on climate change, with a discussion on how everyone can contribute to change within the organisation. You’ll gain an understanding of what you can effect and how you can monitor Environmental Indicators, and receive a written Environmental Policy. You’ll also get a report on your Environmental Impact, including actions on how to improve and maintain, and an ISO 14001 action plan if this is how you want to move forward.


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