Eradicating Ecocide


In 2010 Polly Higgins proposed to the UN that Ecocide be made an international Crime Against Peace. Ecocide is extensive damage to, and loss of ecosystems. It is happening on a mass scale, every day and it is getting worse. The law of Ecocide will enable sustainable development and the United Nations Environmental Program’s vision for a Green Economy. It is an innovative approach that will create a paradigm shift in the global economy and offers the promise that significant change is possible. The law of Ecocide is a new method for achieving a prosperous future for all people because it goes to the core of the environmental issues that are proving so difficult to tackle. The Rome Statute already sets out four Crimes Against Peace and the International Criminal Court to enforce them. Legal definitions of what Ecocide is exist and a mock trial has demonstrated that that this is a law which can work. To create an international law of Ecocide it only takes one state party to call for an amendment to the Rome Statute and then 80 States to agree. State parties are countries who have signed and ratified the Rome Statute, there are currently 121 State Parties. Once an amendment to the Rome Statute has been agreed to include Ecocide, there will be a transition period of 5 years. This will allow for subsidies to be redirected from dangerous industrial activity which is causing Ecocide, to clean and green business. This will ensure the economy doesn’t collapse and turns businesses which are currently the problem, into the solution and leaders for change.


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