Ecomove only sell electric mopeds from the world's leading manufacturer NIU. We'll make your whole experience a positive one from the buying to our own personal delivery. So if you want carbon free, low cost fun starts here. Ecomove go the extra mile.... very quietly! Compared to many European cites, we Brits have been slow to adopt these clean, quiet, efficient bikes. We aim to introduce petrol car and motorbike drivers to this new generation of more environmentally friendly vehicles, and the many advantages that it offers. First, we want to open up the e-moped market to a new demographic: urban commuters, students, women; harnessing social media to introduce people to the product and its advantages. We also want to reach existing bikers, with a view to converting existing petrol bikes to electric. We looked at the current retail environment and found that e-mopeds are generally sold as a small part of the range at conventional motorbike dealers. Ultimately, we want to help people get to where they want to go quickly and cost effectively whilst reducing the negative impact on the environment.


United Kingdom


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