Eco Femme


Eco Femme is a social enterprise based in Auroville, South India. We make and promote washable cloth pads. Eco Femme works in the area of: Livelihood: We assist marginalized rural Indian women in self help groups to earn by stitching cloth washable menstrual pads which are ethically traded. Education: We develop educational resources and work with schools and NGO's facilitating educational programs that foster a responsible, healthy and dignified menstrual experience for girls and women. Environment: We produce and promote cloth pads. Our pads are a sustainable menstrual product available for women in rural India at cost price so as to be affordable. Premium pads are available internationally - profits generated from these sales help sustain the work in the rural sector. For every Eco Femme washable cloth pad sold outside India, a pad is donated to a girl in rural India as part of our Pad for Pad scheme.


Saracon Campus, Kottakarai
Auroville, Tamil Nadu


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