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At Earthworm the approach to investment is a little different. Yes, it wants to make its clients money, but never at the expense of the world we all live in. Earthworm was founded as an antidote to corporate investment culture, believing that it should be about more than just profit; good investment and good ethics make good business. Ethical investment should be open to everyone, not just seasoned career ‘investors’. Our investment products have been designed to accelerate the growth of our projects, while aiming to provide outstanding returns for investors. Our Earthworm Environmental Bonds for example are challenging any sense that investment is too complicated, too exclusive or too intimidating to be part of. Whether you have a lot or a little, it’s simply about showing that Earthworm can grow your money by making responsible investments into rewarding initiatives. And when we say ‘rewarding’, we mean it. While actively supporting businesses such as solar and sustainable food production, the Earthworm Environmental Bonds offer fixed-rate return options between 4.75% to 7.50% secured debt ISA. Your money makes a return, and you make a difference. And just like the projects we support, we make sure our business practices are sustainable too. After we pay back our investors, we ensure that 10% of our profits go to charitable causes, 10% goes to our employees and a further 10% is invested back into future innovation, ideas and development.


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