Delphina Hotels and Resorts


Delphina Hotels & Resorts is a family-run chain of luxury and sustainable resorts in Northern Sardinia, with 12 hotels, two exclusive residences, six spas and 23 villas – all located by the aquamarine sea and surrounded by the wild and fragrant Mediterranean greenery between the Costa Smeralda, the Archipelago of La Maddalena and the Gulf of Asinara. Central to the Delphina philosophy is a respect and preservation of the natural environment and landscape of the local Gallura region, as well as giving guests an authentic taste of the area’s proud culture, cuisine and warm hospitality. Delphina offers guests a genuine eco-friendly holiday where they can relax in luxury while knowing every aspect of the resorts are consciously designed to respect and preserve the natural surroundings. This is the essence of Delphina’s ‘We Are Green’ project, which represents Delphina’s commitment to the environment. It was the first Italian hotel chain to use 100% certified green energy across the its portfolio, including the head office. Delphina has taken other important steps to support its ‘green’ initiative, including an ecologically friendly protocol for its waste disposal, using bio-friendly spa products and Eco-label cleaning products, the automatic shutdown of lights and air conditioning and the use of electric vehicles for guests’ in-resort transportation. Through the brand Genuine Local Food Orientated, Delphina supports healthy, organic and fair food with a variety of menus that use locally sourced ingredients that reflect the culinary traditions of Gallura. The Resort & Spa Le Dune also provides a vegetable garden and a chicken coup as an educational lifestyle experience for young guests. Delphina is a Corporate Golden Donor in support of FAI, the Italian Environment Fund, which works for the protection of the beauty, culture and natural heritage of the country.




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