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Blue Goose Coffee® has matched its ethical approach and eco capsules with coffees that taste wonderful, so you can experience barista-quality coffees in the comfort of your own home. Blue Goose Coffee pods prove how good capsule coffee can taste! Made from waste wood bark from the paper industry, the certified plastic-free eco coffee pods for Nespresso® machines provide a simple swap away from aluminium and plastic pods that last up to 500 years in landfill. Performing perfectly, they turn into compost or liquid fertiliser via your council food waste collection (home compost certification underway too!). The premiums Blue Goose pays its smallholder farmers to produce speciality coffees help them build sustainable livelihoods and invest in farming practices that nurture Blue Goose coffees into the future. Each sale also helps support water and wildlife projects. All Blue Goose Coffee’s recyclable packaging is printed using 100% vegetable inks and made from sustainably sourced cardboard to help fight global deforestation. All this for a fraction more than Nespresso’s own capsules! Blue Goose Coffee’s single-origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Arabica is a treat to savour; enjoy it as a ristretto or espresso to fully appreciate its bright, sweet aromatics with subtle blackcurrant and jasmine flavours. For an extra indulgent coffee experience, add a splash of warm milk just after brew. You’ll also love the Organic Peruvian eco coffee pods, which deliver a smooth, balanced coffee with chocolate notes and hints of fruit and spice for that morning treat or afternoon lift. If you prefer a decaf, the 100% chemical-free Swiss Water Decaf coffee pod delivers an exceptional coffee without the caffeine.


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