Biodome systems works with young people and schools to ensure that they have the valuable knowledge needed to pioneer the next generations eco-friendly consumerism. Safeguarding our futures and putting children with the right skills on the front line for the best jobs of tomorrow. Our children face an uncertain future because of what we have done to the planet! For the next generation understanding and restoring the delicate balance of the environment and our way of life may well decide the future of humanity. We specialise in constructing bio-domes for schools. We offer our products and courses to engage and educate young people in environmental science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In order to achieve this we developed Biodomes which are similar to those that you may have seen at the Eden Project, we developed vertical farming systems to produce food for the future and we developed climate monitoring systems to accurately track changes in local climates over time. We’ve dedicated thousands of hours to learning about the biodome and can guarantee it is a fantastic way to learn about the delicate balance of our rain forests and how better to get the message home than a fully immersive learning environment where students have there own rain forest to care for. Still don’t believe us? We are endorsed by leading experts, local governments and the Prince’s Trust. We are so certain this can meet the needs of young people that we would like to offer a free consultancy session to schools, individuals or investors, who would be interested in learning more. We can design geodesic domes of any size or complexity giving bespoke systems that are tailor made to your requirements. Our bio-domes are hand made and assembled by our team of experienced engineers and craftsman. We can provide educational materials and custom interiors that engage young people in science and engineering.


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