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BigBarn CIC, the UK’s leading local food website, is known as ‘the Amazon of local food’. The mission is to reconnect consumers with their local producers and encourage trade and communication. gets 3,500 visitors per day and has 6,500 local food producers and retailers on its Local Food Map. Farmers, producers and retailers are offered an icon on the Local Food Map, plus the option of having their own online shop and selling through the map or website. This is in addition to selling through the BigBarn MarketPlace, where 19,000 consumers have set up accounts to quick pay. BigBarn has developed a data feed that allows any food or media website to become a partner and have the BigBarn local food map and MarketPlace look as though it’s theirs. Each partner is then paid commission on sales to encourage them to promote local food trade. One map that everyone uses and shares – all to divert some of the £120bn spent with supermarkets to local trade, with massive social benefits for all.


United Kingdom


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