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Founded through a love of bicycles and engineering, we want to give everyone the opportunity to build a bike from scratch! Regardless of being young or old, a cycle enthusiast or beginner, an experienced mechanic or novice – we are committed to enabling people to build cutting-edge bikes that are sustainable, and can be completely recycled after many years of usage. Bamboo Bicycle Club’s Home Build kit lets you build your own fully functional bicycle, using comprehensive guides that coach you through the process one step at a time. The kits and guides are designed to suit all abilities, so you don’t need to be an expert. The ultimate DIY project, the bike you create could be used for an everyday commute or competing in time trials! As a material, bamboo has excellent vibration-dampening effects that mean bumps in the roads seem to be effortlessly absorbed. Bamboo bikes are generally lighter than steel and aluminum frames and slightly heavier than carbon or titanium. The species used are naturally resistant to degradation; if cared for and stored correctly, your frame will last for many years of smooth riding.


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