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Atlantis Skincare brand is a UK based all natural skincare. We create luxury, freshly handmade face care and body care products that transform your simple everyday beauty rituals into deeply theraputic experiences. We believe in the power of plants cherished by sun, earth, water and wind and their ability to protect, restore and improve the skin's natural beauty. The products are so pure and filled with goodness of nature that you can even feel it's vibrating energy. Every ingredient is carefully researched and selected, making sophisticated products that not only offer your skin special pleasure but also prevent and slow the aging process. Zane Piese, Atlantis Skincare founder, formulator and entrepreneur is a person with passion, expertise and dynamics to create this outstanding natural skincare brand that offers unique experience to the skin and senses. It's a ritual within a skincare. 'My love for nature and plants began when I was a little girl. I grew up in the beautiful country side of Latvia, spending my days in blooming meadows and green forests, collecting herbs and learning about their healing properties. My first teacher was my mum, a doctor of traditional medicine, who used natural herbal remedies to heal her patients.' Atlantis Skincare chooses only high quality natural and organic ingredients carefully researched and selected for their nutritive properties. Each ingredient plays its specific role in the final composition working in synergy with others to achieve more effective result.


United Kingdom


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