Protection from EMR

There are pros and cons to living in an increasingly connected and high-tech world – but the radiation emitted by the tech we use every day is something we could all do without.

You can get away from your router or smartphone, but emissions from other wireless or mains-powered products – such as cell towers and wifi in the office or from the neighbours – is harder to escape.


Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is a form of energy that’s organised on a spectrum and calculated in Hertz (Hz). It spans a vast range of wavelengths and frequencies; at one end of the spectrum there are long waves with short frequencies like the EMR from a standard power outlet. At the opposite end are short waves with very high frequencies, like X-rays and gamma rays.

Sunlight is an example of naturally occurring electromagnetic radiation, but our dependence on electricity and ever-advancing technologies means our exposure to manmade electromagnetic fields (EMF) has increased to levels millions of times higher than the natural levels of EMF our bodies have evolved with.


Constant frequencies like a wifi signal and other sources of EMR can aggravate your body and cells. Prolonged exposure to these frequencies starts to irritate the sympathetic nervous system, which in turn interferes with electrical impulses of the body, affecting cellular communication.

Because EMR affects us at a cellular level, it can cause DNA damage, affect the blood-brain barrier and increase calcium levels in our cells. Research suggests that this can lead to serious health risks including cardiac problems, cancer, sleep disruption, infertility and neurodegenerative disease.

EMR is like a foreign frequency to our bodies, causing it to produce an immune response. Symptoms can differ from person to person depending on individual sensitivity and the level of EMF exposure, but they commonly include nausea, headaches, fatigue, tinnitus, dizziness, poor sleep, skin rashes and heart palpitations.

Whether you feel you are sensitive to it or not, everyone is affected by electromagnetic radiation – though infants, children and pregnant women are most at risk.


It’s a challenge to entirely remove ourselves from electromagnetic fields. Smart meters, wifi routers and wireless devices such as mobile phones and tablets – the very fabric of today’s society – all emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation.

Some people choose to minimise their exposure by living off the grid and avoiding EMF-emitting technology and appliances. A limited number of areas – known as ‘green’ or ‘white’ zones – have been designed to be free of manmade EMF.

There are some simple steps you can take to reduce your exposure, such as turning off your wifi router when not in use – particularly at night. Mobile phones and tablets should also be turned off or switched to flight mode when not in use.

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08 Sep 2019