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Wildlife Heritage Foundation Headcorn Road, Smarden, Ashford, Kent Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom TN27 8PJ

Wildlife Heritage Foundation is located in Smarden. It is a 38 acre site in the Kent countryside, and is home to over 50 large and small cats. From the biggest to the smallest in the world. We work to save the Big Cats of the World from extinction.

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website: www.whf.org.uk

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Additional Information

The Big Cat Sanctuary, Wildlife Heritage Foundation .. Protection is our Passion...


We are a breeding centre of excellence and also a santuary for older Big Cats to retire to the peace and quiet of the countryside. Our main breeding programmes for endangered species are the Amur leopard, Amur tiger, Sumatran tiger and the Snow leopard. Our ultimate aim being to safely reintroduce these Big Cats to their natural habitat, free from danger of poaching and other hazards leading to their demise.

Our mission statement is to be recognised and respected as being the best breeding centre for endangered big cats in the world, achieving this by:

* Operating a centre of excellence in Kent, UK dedicated to the captive breeding of endangered big cats within the European Endangered Species Programmes (EEP) with the eventual aim of providing animals for scientifically based re-introduction projects.
* Promotion and funding of field conservation projects. As the financial strength of the Foundation increases WHF will become involved in field work in these areas of the world that still have surviving wild cat populations;
* Providing a research base for people interested in the study of big cats in captivity;
* Delivering an education programme that promotes the importance of bio-diversity and the role of the top predators to all our visitors;
*Joining together like minded people for the benefit of endangered species through our membership organization;
*Linking with organisations worldwide that have similar aims and objectives as Wildlife Heritage Foundation;
*Developing the WHF Kent Centre as a wildlife haven for UK native species.

Members of

European Endangered Species Programme
ALTA - Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance

Hours of work

9-5 Tuesday - Sunday Closed on Mondays (9-6 during summer months)


We are situated between Ashford and Maidstone in a small village called Smarden, hidden away deep in the Kent countryside.

Photo Gallery

Amur Leopards are the World's most endangered Big Cat
The alfa male in a pride of lions would regularly have to defend his position within the pride and would boast the darkest coloured mane.
Snow Leopards originate from Asia living in freezing temperatures in the Himalayas
Clouded leopards proportionately have the largest canine teeth of all Big Cats
Amur leopards origin was the Primorskii region of Russia, less than 30 now live in the wild
Sumatran tigers are critically endangered with only about 600 left in the World
Nuara is tiny, and extremely agile, climbing and jumping almost like a squirrel
Pumas originally from Latin America, also known as mountain lions and cougars
The only Big Cat to live in Prides, as a family, sadly even the numbers of even these majestic animals are now dwindling and they are also now endangered. Lions are also the symbol to represent England
White Lions are no longer living in the wild, they exist only in captivity and orginated from the Timbavati region of South Africa
  • Amur Leopard Cub Zeya at 4 months old
  • Themba the white lion, who has his very own pride at WHF
  • Tired Tiny, showing us it's hard work being a lion!
  • Laila our beautiful Snow Leopard
  • Ben our Clouded Leopard
  • Hogar one of our Amur leopard boys who has fathered cubs already
  • Sumatran tiger Puna who has has 2 litters of cubs
  • Nuara the Rusty Spotted Cat, the World's Smallest Cat
  • Viktoria one of our puma sisters who live together at WHF
  • Our 3 African Tawny Lion Brothers, Manzi, Kafara and Tiny


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