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Onya has become a byword for reuse - everything Onya is convenient, reusable, recyclable & works to reduce waste. We started by waging war on disposable shopping bags in 2004 with our innovative and super-sturdy reusable Onya Bag range (each Onya bag stows into it’s own small pouch for convenience) and have since moved on to reusable bottles (H2Onya) and sandwich wrappers (Onya Lunch). Onya products will last for years, not minutes: we fight disposable culture by making it simple to change our wasteful ways. Each Onya product will save your wallet as well as our planet - it is always cheaper to reuse than to buy new each time and if you buy quality, you don’t need to buy again. The Onya Bag will replace thousands of disposable carrier bags, the Onya Lunch will save you on loads of cling film or tin foil and the H2Onya will replace tonnes of flimsy plastic bottles - as well as sticking it to the bottled water industry.


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