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Swishing involves getting your friends together to swap gorgeous clothes & party at the same time!


in Recycling

Matcing people who have things they want to get rid of with people who can use them.


in Recycling

Exchange your DVDs, CDs, games and books for free.


Baby Swap or Shop

in Recycling

Free website for parents to swap, sell & buy new & used maternity, baby & toddler items.

Leicestershire, United Kingdom LE16 8HB

phone: view phone01536 215330

website: http://www.babyswaporshop....

e-mail: send an e-mail

    Don't Dump That

    in Recycling

    Give away things you don't want, find things you do, all for free.

    Green Metropolis

    in Recycling

    Buy, sell and go green - and great way of recycling books.


    in Recycling

    From nearly new to really old, Preloved is packed with second hand bargains in over 500 categories.


    in Recycling

    On line book swapping service - recycle your secondhand books.

    Found 8 records

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