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Ethical Value lies at the heart of every business. We are a forward-thinking responsible business consultancy, committed to positively impacting people, planet and profit. Company strategy, decisions and actions are increasingly subject to scrutiny from all stakeholders. There is growing awareness of Responsible Business and a trend towards higher expectations. Today, it is crucial that all organisations have a defined set of values and clearly stated ethical guidelines which are both actionable and measurable across the organisation. We are a forward thinking Responsible Business consultancy committed to unlocking the hidden opportunities to add value through adopting a Responsible Business approach. Our organisation provides cutting edge business strategy and development services. Our services include Brand analysis and strategy development, Research, Employee Engagement programme “Bridging the Gap”, Stakeholder Dialogues and Risk Management. “The substructure of unity requires forward thinkers, global game changers and frankly the bravest of visions therein. Ethical Value Ltd and Deap Khambay provided me with the safety net of corporate understanding, pragmatic professionalism, decisive dedication moreover the clear ability for change.” Miles Chinn, Akkadenim, Chief Vision Officer We have now collaborated with Holistic Faith to launch our first Wellbeing UK event and are bringing together health and wellbeing experts that include osteopaths, coaches, yoga instructors, spiritual counsellors, reiki masters, fitness instructors, authors and much more. Please see our Wellbeing UK Exhibit & Sponsor Pack for more details.


Bury Lodge, Bury Road,
Stowmarket, Suffolk,
Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 1JA
United Kingdom

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