Bamboo Bicycle Club


The Bamboo Bicycle Club London helps people who are passionate about cycling to build and ride their own self-build bicycles from our workshop. We provide you with everything you need to get creative and learn to build your own unique bamboo bike from scratch. Our bamboo bike builder’s club was founded by James and Ian, two bike riding engineers, who after their own enthusiastic experiments in building bamboo bikes, decided to create a bicycling community with others who are interested in building their own beautiful, robust and environmentally friendlier bamboo bicycle frames. The Bamboo Bicycle Club began offering weekend workshops which then naturally evolved into offering home build kits, as more people got interested across the U.K. Open source information sharing has allowed some leading innovations in the world of bamboo bikes, which we share with our members. The club continues to grow and innovate, creating a friendly community of bike builders, creative thinkers and cyclists. So it’s not really all about us, but you guys who love your bikes!


Autumn Road Studios
London E3 2TT
United Kingdom

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