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VegfestUK are organisers of some of Europe's biggest veggie and vegan festivals! We came into existence back in Bristol in 2003, when Yaoh manager Tim Barford had the idea of mixing the seriousness of veganism with a rock-'n-roll festival atmosphere, where people can do the following all in one place: eating, socialising, learning about healthy ethical eating, dancing, partying - you name it!


It's a heaven for many people, whether they want to mix with like-minded people, are curious about veggie lifestyles, or just want to eat all day and soak up the party atmosphere.


And now, if you're looking for inspirations, tips and updates on vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, the organisers of VegfestUK have created The Vegfest Express (a Vegan and Vegetarian version), which is the perfect website to visit.


Launched in early September, this 24-hour global news website provides easy access to all the latest vegan and vegetarian news, curated by experts in the field.


Content includes the trendiest and most attractive recipes, news from the UK and abroad on animals, the environment, VegfestUK exhibitors and the latest outreach activities, on top of videos, podcasts, blog, plus live Tweets from over 300 of the best Tweeters of vegan and veggie content worldwide.


Visit the Vegfest Express now at (vegan edition) and (veggie edition), and follow the Vegfest Express on Facebook and Twitter @VegfestExpress


VegfestUK hope to continue influencing many more souls by putting on ever-improving events in future years, reducing our carbon footprint, animal suffering, and improving our health and facilitiing sustainable food production in the process.


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28 Oct 2014

By VegfestUK