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It's been almost a year since VegFest first launched the Vegfest Express global vegan news website, and here they are witnessing the fast growth of this cutting-edge online news service, with countless vegan bloggers and campaigners contributing to an incredibly resourceful hub of the hottest vegan content across the globe.

Contents include updates of the VegfestUK Awards celebrating the crème de la crème of vegan producers and campaigners in the UK, blogs/vlogs from VegfestUK/Vegfest Scotland as well as vegan celebrities including events planner Fat Gay Vegan, TV presenter Anneka Svenska, model Victoria Eisermann and singer Pola Pospieszalska with more guest bloggers to follow, punchy vegan cartoons from Vegan Sidekick and other vegan artists, nutritional facts and reports from knowledgeable vegan health experts, wellbeing tips from holistic health bloggers, sumptuous vegan recipes from top-rated vegan food writers and bloggers, restaurant and product reviews and vegan outreach ideas from leading activists such as Prof. Gary L. Francione, Tobias Leenaert, Kim Stallwood and others.

Plus there’s top-rated vegan podcasts such as Go Vegan Radio, Main Street Vegan, videos from Bite Size Vegan, the Everyday Vegan, the League against Cruel Sports, Sea Shepherd, news from the UK's major vegan / animal campaign groups such as the Vegan Society, Viva!, Animal Aid, Teen VGN, Veganuary, the Vegan Lifestyle Association, plus many others worldwide with the latest stories on direct action for animals and animal rescue.

The monthly bulletins rounds up the best vegan stories each month to over 11,000 (and growing) dedicated subscribers.

The Vegfest Express
is an indispensable tool for everyone interested in what's happening in the vegan world, fast becoming the vegan equivalent of the Sun or Sky News!  What sets the Vegfest Express apart is first and foremost, it's got all your favourite vegan content all in one place, saving you loads of Googling and hence plenty of time in your busy schedules.  All content is added using RSS feed technology and thus refreshed 24-7, keeping you abreast of all the latest developments from your trusted vegan news sources and the whole website is FREE to use!

These incredible features make the Vegfest Express an indispensable tool for working professionals and activists in the vegan world as well as anyone vegan-curious!

Not to mention businesses with vegan products to release or campaign groups with new campaigns to announce. For this purpose, the Vegfest Express will be launching a number of cost-effective and highly focused advertising packages soon, helping you reach the core of the vegan community. Advertising avenues include blog posts, web adverts, extensive social media coverage plus more TBC.

Watch out for the latest news on the Vegfest Express blog or on Facebook and Twitter.

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04 Aug 2015

By VegfestUK