The Big Discussion – REDUCETARIAN – should vegans promote this approach?

The reducetarian approach – namely a reduction of animal products from one’s diet – has gained plenty of publicity recently with founder Brian Kateman setting up this website on the subject and a number of key individuals (vegans and pre-vegans alike) getting behind the whole concept.

Those not yet vegan find the reducetarian approach easy to relate to and advocate to others as a first step towards veganism. The reducetarian approach is also beneficial for individual health, the environment and food production too.

However, those already vegan who are advocating the reducetarian concept have drawn criticism for watering down the vegan ethos and further encouraging speciesism against non-human animals.

Should vegans be promoting reducetarian as an option for pre-vegans?  Or should vegans make it loud and clear without compromise that 100% veganism is a moral imperative, and anything less implies supporting continued animal exploitation?


Join the big discussion on this recently hotly-debated topic at Vegfest Scotland, on Sunday December 6th at 4pm at the People’s Vegan Activists Summit.


Vegfest Scotland / VegfestUK organiser Tim Barford and the Grumpy Old Vegans will discuss this topic and invite members of the audience for some questions & answers.


The discussion is part of a huge Vegfest Scotland which takes place on Dec 5th 6th at the SECC (Hall 3), and is expected to draw around 10,000 visitors over the whole weekend.  Vegfest events tend to be very busy and tickets are getting snapped up quickly, so don’t forget to buy yours now!


Advance tickets are priced at: £5 (one day) and £8 (whole weekend) plus small booking fees.

These are on BUY ONE GET ONE FREE till Sunday Nov 15th 2015

BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE till Thursday Dec 3rd 2015

Limited number of tickets available on the gate at:

£8 (adults), £4 (concessions)

Kids under 16 FREE (must be accompanied by adults)

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16 Nov 2015

By Vegfest