Teachers Who Value Evidence Informed Practice need VegfestUK Brighton

VegfestUK is committed to encouraging and supporting teachers to educate children on ethical, health and sustainability issues and that’s why they have introduced a Teachers Vegan Summit at VegfestUK Brighton to complement other Vegfest summits for Health and Sports professionals. Teacher, researcher, writer Dylan William says that every teacher fails every day and there is always room for improvement.  

VegfestUK founder Tim Barford says that teachers can’t credibly call themselves an evidence informed practitioner if they haven’t investigated the many solutions that veganism offers for health, the environment and ethical and social development.  

Former teacher David Weston, Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust, says great Continued Professional Development (CPD) ensures that pupils learn more effectively and teachers feel inspired, motivated and challenged. Studies have shown that the most effective CPD is:

*Focused on real and specific improvements in pupil learning

*Sustained for several months on the same goal

*Collaborative and teacher-driven

*Supported by an external expert

*Built upon evidence of approaches that work

CPD with these characteristics has been shown to encourage optimal improvements in pupils’ learning and enthusiasm, as well as help teachers enjoy their jobs and gain more confidence. The key to sustaining the focus on improving teaching for several months is to combine different approaches to CPD.  

“The more convenient opportunities teachers have for evidence based CPD the greater chance we have of catching up with other countries on informed well rounded more socially responsible education” says Tim Barford.  

In light of the recent move by WHO to move processed meat into the same category of cancer risk as smoking and alcohol, VegfestUK will also host a debate about the need for healthy vegan options on all school menus. “There needs to be a concerted effort by schools to ensure lunch menus avoid foods that increase risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart disease in later life and encourage habits such as eating more fruit and vegetable that actively reduce risk.” says Harley street nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston from Foods for Life Health Consultancy.  

“It’s not enough to advise that sausages and burgers should not contain testicles, udder and anuses – they should be off the menu unless they are made from plant based ingredients,” she adds.  

Don’t miss the Teachers Summit on Saturday February 27th 2016 at the Brighton Centre as part of a huge VegfestUK Brighton which showcases the best of veganism with plenty of food, shopping, education, entertainment, socialising and networking opportunities. Find out more about the whole event at www.brighton.vegfest.co.uk

Advance tickets to VegfestUK Brighton 2016 are now on sale at: www.brighton.vegfest.co.uk/admission

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08 Feb 2016

By Vegfest UK