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What is food combining?

Many people find that certain types or combination of foods do not suit them. Based on this observation, Dr Howard Hays in the 1930s devised a diet plan that became known as ‘food combining’.

Win one of 6 'Lifebottles' from tapwater.org!

Are you aware that every man, woman and child in the UK spends £500 per year on bottled water and fizzy drinks that equates to £24,000 in their lifetime. This could be a “nice deposit for a house” for a family of four of £96,000!!

Water filter charcoal production – a true labour of love

Wood and plants such as bamboo, have a large number of vessels that carry water and nutrients up from the earth when they are alive. The types of charcoal that are suitable for water filtration are made using a slow and careful process

What’s the Carbon Footprint of Your Beer?

Too much of beer can not only increase your waistline but also adds to your environment in an unhealthy manner. Although it does not dominate when it comes to the overall carbon footprint ratio but it definitely contributes

We don’t want to eat or drink cloned food products

This is a three-way disaster – for consumer labelling, animal welfare and human health. And the first question you have to ask yourself is what on earth is the point of cloned animals anyway? I’m a straightforward person; I like

What in the name of Sherbert Dip is this…..?!

Ah, well, if you’re olde enough to remember said ‘sherbert dip’ when you got a fat licky lolly in it and a proper portion of the fizzy stuff to coat your boiled-sugar treat, then you are, what is known as, ‘my target market’, so

Found 6 records

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