Permaculture Magazine asks 'What Do You Think A Good Job is'?

Isn’t it good to start the new year with something genuinely positive and forward looking! Well, we want to let you know about the new job website that has started 2015 with a terrific competition.


Elevator is an exclusive marketplace for people to list, discover and apply for good jobs.  A place where you can be kept up to date about the latest ethical jobs, promote yourself as a freelancer, find temporary or permanent staff and grow your network!


Once you're signed up you can enter their competition to win FREE prizes from some of the UK's leading ethical brands. 


We’re delighted to be offering a subscription to Permaculture Magazine and a selection of books from Permanent Publications.  And a chance to win a place on Looby Macnamara’s 7 Ways To Think Differently course this year (find out about the course here).


Also on offer is a mixed case of organic wine, £75 worth of new shoes, a Biolite camping stove, Sun Kind Pro 2 solar lights, £250 to invest ethically and more! 


What do you have to do we hear you ask? Well, it’s easy, take a look at the entries so far and come up with your own take on "a good job is …"?


It is that simple, and that inspiring too. Find our ‘a good job is…’ definition on the Elevator site and enter your own definition to win one of the selection of prizes.  Your answer will be ranked by other entrants in a leader board and the top answers will win!


Elevator only promotes jobs with social enterprises, charities and purpose driven companies.  Search ethical jobs in your location or be part of the UK’s ethical talent pool!

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