Just Right for Christmas – Organic Bottle Conditioned Beers from Suma!

We’re super proud of our range of organic beers and rightly so – four very different bottle conditioned ales, each carrying the CAMRA mark and made locally by a master brewer, just a hop, skip and a jump from Suma HQ.


Elphin Brook

A rich, red-brown beer, with a full and rounded body. Using three complementary hops, including Challenger and East Kent Goldings, this beer is crisp and fruity with a spice and lemon aroma that all goes to provide a delicate finish.


Long Wall Mouse

A bright, yellow beer with a pleasant taste and a smooth finish. Long Wall Mouse is a surprisingly mellow beer that's lightly fruity and spicy. Made with top fermenting yeast, Pacific Gem and First Gold hops, this is most definitely an ale not a lager, however it is the ideal alternative for the more discerning lager drinker.


Mytholm Mist

A white hazy beer with aromas of coriander and lemon. Mytholm Mist is a refreshing drink with a fresh, classic finish using hops originating from Hallertau an area of Bavaria between Munich and Nuernberg. An ideal thirst quenching summer beer.


Penumbra Stout

A rich black stout con-taining wheat malt, crystal malt and chocolate malt mixed with oats and wheat. Penumbra has a rich and creamy roasted flavour with aromas of orange, citrus and berry.


All our beers carry the high quality CAMRA mark, all are organic and all are bottle conditioned – meaning they’ve had a second fermentation in the bottle, so carbonating the beer naturally. This avoids the over-fizzy nature of many bottle beers.


What could be better than having a range of four beautiful beers with Suma’s name on the bottle? The answer is of course would be to have more! We couldn’t resist the temptation of investigating others to add to the range, the difficulty though was what. We already had a bitter, a blonde, a stout and a wheat beer. Where else could we go? We needed advice from our master brewer high in the Pennines. After many suggestions and much sampling, we are delighted to present his two latest creations.


New Suma Erringden ‘Organic Light Pale Ale with Ginger’

Brewed using soft Yorkshire water from a tussocky, windswept place overlooking the River Calder called Erringdon Moor. Records from 1277 indicate the region was originally given the Scandinavian name Ayrykedene, meaning Eric’s Valley.  It’s a light and refreshing Pale Ale, with subtle ginger and citrus flavours'. This ale is a great accompaniment to a barbecues and superb with spicy food, and is ideal for anyone keeping an eye out for Vikings!


New Blackstone ‘Organic Yorkshire Moor Ale’

This is a silky smooth and malty moorland ale, made using peat malt and heather. It is ruby in colour with flavours of smoky peat and heather.  This unique beer named after a unique place - Blackstone Edge is a gritstone escarpment on the boundary overlooking Lancashire in one direction and Yorkshire in the other. It’s a bleak and moody place with an old stone road as evidence of Roman ingenuity, still invaluable to the weary traveler, as is a glass of this smooth ale.


Available in all good independent food shops, to find your local Suma stockist, please call 01422 313645.


Which one will you try first?

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05 Dec 2014

By Suma