'International Permaculture Conference 2015' London - Designing the World We Want

Permaculture is a holistic design framework for delivering sustainability at any scale - with 35 years of proven practice across the globe, permaculture has solutions to world problems.


The Permaculture Association is hosting the 12th International Permaculture Conference and Convergence (IPCUK) at The Light, Euston Road, London, September 2015, which will bring together over 800 people, with permaculture practitioners plus collaborating networks and organisations.  In light of the approaching COP21 and the setting of post-2015 sustainable development agenda, we want to showcase how permaculture is being used to solve world problems.

IPCs started in 1984 and is the key global meeting point for the international permaculture network. It is a way of growing the global movement, sharing knowledge, and celebrating achievements. There is a global multi-cultural network of permaculture practitioners, operating in over 120 countries.


Within the overall theme of this year’s event ‘ Designing the World We Want’, each day has a focus:

Day One: Practice. Case studies from existing projects and reports on the latest research evidence.
The future that has already arrived: What are the inspiring, far-sighted projects of today, that show us how a future sustainable society will look? What a sustainable society could look like in 2030.


Day Two: Process. An exploration of the transformational processes, including permaculture design, that can help bring about the necessary changes.  The pathways to transformation: How do we get from where we are now to where we want to be?


As well as the Conference 8-9 September there is also the Convergence Programme 10-16 September at Gilwell Park, Essex with over 160 workshops and sessions.  This is the biennial gathering permaculture designers and practitioners from around the world. There are  500 participants confirmed from over 60 countries, a truly unique global gathering of some of the most inspired permaculture designers. 


Not forgetting the Edge Events Programme of workshops, Permaculture Design Courses, visits and tours, and local volunteer experiences throughout the UK and Europe. We will have some of the world's most experienced permaculture designers and project leaders at IPCUK.


We have everything we need to create a sustainable world and future. Together we will create a vision of a near future society that is caring, sustainable and fair, and explore how we can collectively design strategies and pathways to make it happen.  Visit www.ipcuk.events to find out more information and book your tickets.

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