Health Summit for Health Professionals at VegfestUK London

As part of the continuing efforts to ‘Vegducate’ as many people as possible about the vegan solutions to avoidable world problems that threaten our planet, VegfestUK is now hosting a Health Summit for Health Professionals at Olympia London on Saturday October 10th 2015.


Sadly there are still many health professionals that are unaware of the evidence-based science that supports the solution of a healthier balanced plant-based diet to common health problems and the vegan diet’s suitability for all age groups.


Harley Street nutritional therapist Yvonne Bishop-Weston reveals "I am frequently contacted by mothers at their wits end because of pressure put upon them by doctors to start eating meat and cheese and feed animal products to their children, like there is some magical ingredient that can only be found in meat and dairy. It reveals a lack of understanding about basic nutrition and the nutrients found in food.”


"Yes a person may fare better on a diet higher in protein, may have some health condition that requires extra omega-3 EPA and DHA, or vitamin B12 or vitamin D3 or probiotics, but there are now excellent plant-based versions of all of these nutritional tools."


Earlier this year The Vegan Society reached a historic agreement with The British Dietetic Association. The Vegan Society and The British Dietetic Association have agreed to collaborate to bring  reliable plant-based nutrition information to every community in the UK.


Tony Bishop-Weston, executive consultant Vegan Chef and Author of The Vegan Cookbook, has helped VegfestUK bring together some leading lights in Nutrition and Dietetics to provide a line up of distinguished speakers to provide evidence-based science that backs up the argument for vegan solutions to the scourge of avoidable self-inflicted health problems we face.


Tony says, "For too long, many health professionals, GP's, midwives, dietitians, nutritionists, health workers have written off plant-based diets as unnatural and exclusionary. This may be partly because of the way vegan diets were better known for what wasn't vegan, what they didn't eat rather than what vegans do eat - messages were full of negative messages, not this, don't eat that, no no no rather than yes yes yes and motivational provocative messages focused on delicious and dynamic vegan solutions. That's all changed. Bookshops are awash with beautiful vegan cookbooks with deliciously inspiring vegan recipes. The supermarkets now sell edible melting vegan cheese, vegan sausages, dairy-free ice cream in fact everything from plant-based caviar to vegan haggis."


The Health Summit is part of a massive VegfestUK London which returns to Olympia for the 3rd year running on the weekend of October 10th 11th at Olympia Central (Levels 1 & 3) with around 10,000 visitors expected. The event includes 200 stalls, 14 caterers, a People’s Vegan Activists Summit on the Sunday highlighting effective vegan advocacy and key topics in the animal rights movement, a Kids Area, a dozen of other Talks on vegan living, Cookery Demos, a Living Raw Zone, Comedy Hours, Music, a Bodybuilding Contest and more!


Advance tickets are now on sale at the event website here, with BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offers running till September 10th, and BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE offers running until October 3rd (subject to availability).

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01 Sep 2015

By VegfestUK