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Urban Mobility: Cleaner, Healthier Cities of Tomorrow

October 7th marks World Habitat Day 2013, which champions accessible cities that encourage more cycling, more walking, and less motorised transport. The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM)

Government air quality plans must put human health first.

The primary objective of Local Air Quality Management should be the protection of human health, says CIWEM. The Highways Agency must lead by example and be made responsible for controlling vehicle emissions, which contribute

Electric car charger adds to green credentials at Farncombe Conference Centre

Cotswold Conference Centre has strengthened its green credentials by installing an electric car charging point – one of only a handful in the Cotswolds. There are currently fewer than 10 car chargers in the region and the award-winning meeting

Great little trains of North Wales

When you drive around Snowdonia, chances are you'll miss some of the best views. But if you travel by train, there's no need to keep your eyes on the road. Often, the most heart-warming and inspiring part of visiting Wales

Car Free Tourism in Snowdonia

Here at Bryn Bella we are finding more and more of our guests are discovering the freedom offered by car-free holidays in North Wales. Increasingly, our guests are either leaving their cars at home or in our car park

Deepdale Bike Hire can supply bikes for all the family

Visitors to the north Norfolk coast have been requesting cycle hire for a long time, but it’s been hard to find the right person to take on the challenge. That all changed when Alyson Roxburgh visited Deepdale and fell in love with the village

Follow Green Motorsport in this year’s 'Electric Vehicle WAVE' to Paris

Green Motor Sport is the only UK only entrant in this year's Electric Vehicle WAVE to Paris. The WAVE (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition) is all about sustainable mobility and transport.

People in the UK are dubious about the cars of the future

Almost a quarter of people (23%) in the UK would not consider buying or driving an eco-friendly vehicle, according to new research. And of that number, more than four in ten (42%) believe electric and hydrogen-

71% of motorists in Europe drive on under-inflated tyres

New research reveals Europeans are wasting 2 billion litres of fuel a year which equates to £2.4 billion a year. The findings come from safety checks carried out on 38,000 cars in 9 EU countries in 2010.

Nicko Williamson & Climate Cars - The Story so far

Nicko Williamson’s background isn’t atypical of a London cabbie but then neither is his company Climatecars a typical cab company. A privately educated ex-Marlborough College student, Nicko, 27, left school and went skydiving, paragliding and white-w

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