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Teachers Who Value Evidence Informed Practice need VegfestUK Brighton

VegfestUK is committed to encouraging and supporting teachers to educate children on ethical, health and sustainability issues and that’s why they have introduced a Teachers Vegan Summit at VegfestUK Brighton to complement other Vegfest summits for H

Vegan Vision returns to Vegfest Scotland after debut at Olympia London

After a successful maiden appearance at VegfestUK London 2015, Vegan Vision returns to Vegfest Scotland on Sunday December 6th as a series of one-hour consecutive sessions in vegan advocacy and living with internationally-respected experts in food

Health Summit for Health Professionals at VegfestUK London

As part of the continuing efforts to ‘Vegducate’ as many people as possible about the vegan solutions to avoidable world problems that threaten our planet, VegfestUK is now hosting a Health Summit for Health Professionals at Olympia London

Suma - The UK’s biggest workers cooperative - Just got a little bit bigger

Here at Suma we are incredibly excited because after a huge amount of hard work, we have just opened a Regional Distribution Centre in London. It has been up-and-running now for two weeks, servicing customers in London and the South.

The Vegfest Express – your quintessential free vegan online newspaper!

It's been almost a year since VegFest first launched the Vegfest Express global vegan news website, and here they are witnessing the fast growth of this cutting-edge online news service, with countless vegan bloggers and campaigners contributing to

Suma 'beer' time and the living is easy…

We’re super-proud of our range of organic beers and rightly so – six very different bottle-conditioned ales, each carrying the CAMRA mark and made locally by a master brewer, just a hop, skip and a jump away from Suma HQ. They're perfected in the

New Odourless Coconut Oil from Suma!

Here at Suma, we are always trying to bring out new products to sit alongside the rest of our Suma Brand range. Over the years, in conjunction with small independent food shops, who are committed to natural foods,

Independent vegan businesses in the UK contributing to huge growth of vegan market.

The last 12 months have seen an explosion in the number of exciting vegan products launching in the market, and remarkably many of these have been created by independent business entrepreneurs with a passion and drive for bringing their cruelty-free

Award Winning Organic Extra Virgin Sunshine (Organic Coconut Oil!) from Suma

Here at Suma we are buzzing at the news that we have just received a cool award for one of our newest products. Our Organic Coconut Oil has just won in the Best Food and Drink category in the product awards in Organic and Natural Business magazine.

2015 Food Trends from Suma

As we usher in another new year, I’ve been trying to think about what possible food trends might be looming on the wholefood horizon. Firstly, it looks as though the Suma listing policy is, and has always been, way ahead of its time.

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