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Holden & Partners Mark Hoskin wins 'Unbiased Responsible Investment Adviser of the Year'

Mark Hoskin, Partner and Adviser at Holden & Partners, wins the 'Unbiased Responsible Investment Adviser of the Year' at the 10th annual Unbiased Media Awards. The Awards took place on 12th February 2014

Vegetarian Fund grant allows Carolyn P to connect with the world!

Carolyn P, a vegetarian in her late 70s is now able to live more independently, do her own shopping and connect with the world thanks to a grant from the Vegetarian Fund.

Ethical Investment with a 4% Return!

If you’re looking for an ethical investment and want to know exactly what your money is being spent on, then Saddleworth Community Hydro could be the solution.

A Call to Action for Tax Responsibility from Fairfood International

For the last two months, this series has discussed the business case for tax responsibility and in our final entry we hope to provide an action plan for companies with regard to responsible tax planning, suggesting a few utilitarian points about step

Is tax justice as big an issue as sweatshops?

Over the last 12 months, tax justice has shot up the agendas of campaigners, corporations and governments alike. But is this a passing fad that business can ride out, or the next big global justice issue that will catalyse real change?

The Forgotten Issue - Economic issues placed low on the Corporate Responsibility agenda

Advancing corporate tax responsibility is indeed a challenge, given that corporations are usually very sensitive when it comes to questions about their tax issues, particularly when there are legal avenues that help enable them to minimize their tax

“Risky Business” - Rethinking risk with the business case for sustainable tax planning

In the last entry in our tax responsibility series, we took a look at the close connection between tax dodging and government aid needed for development. The importance for businesses to take responsibility with a sustainable tax policy

Aid, development and tax dodging by Action Aid

When people talk about funding for development, most people think of international aid. But while aid can achieve amazing results, it’s only part of the story.

The business case for tax planning - as a corporate responsibility issue

Taxes. We all have to pay them. Including the biggest companies in the world. However, with growing public interest in aggressive corporate tax policies and their effects on developing countries

Ethical investment with long-term community benefits

We all know that to build a sustainable future for our children and communities, we need to find ways of reducing our carbon emissions. Many of us have committed to doing things in our own lives to help with this – by recycling,

Found 10 records

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