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Pioneering Dorset Writing Contest Plants Another 1,000 Trees & Builds a Classroom in Kenya

The Woodmead Halls in Lyme Regis is preparing to roll out a length of virtual red carpet on Saturday 26th March. Talented international writers and poets will be arriving to hear who has won a share of the £3,000 prize money in this year’s Magic

WHF assisting in Global Conservation Project with World's Most Endangered Big Cat

WHF’s (Wildlife Heritage Foundation) first born female Amur Leopard, Zeya.. set to travel to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah USA… as part of the breeding program. She leaves on Tuesday - 6th October.

The Writing Competition That Created a Tropical Word Forest

This year's Valentine’s Day saw hearts bursting with pride across the world as the winners of the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize were announced in an awards ceremony that was live streamed around the planet.

#BigCat news from Wildlife Heritage Foundation

The year has got off to a great start as the Wildlife Heritage Foundation (WHF) have finally be given the breeding recommendation by the stud book keeper for the Snow Leopards. It is currently mating season for the Snow Leopards (Jan-March)

Polar Bear Watching in Churchill, Canada

There’s a Polar Bear. There’s me. And there’s just a few feet between us. But I'm not in a zoo. I am out on the sub arctic tundra in a large white tundra buggy, 25 miles east of Churchill on the edge of the Hudson Bay.

Pine Martens and Peanut Butter

How many pieces of peanut buttered bread can you fit in your mouth in one go? If you’re a female pine marten it seems the answer is five.

Ecocide - what happens next is up to us.

Come help mobilise a law of Ecocide. Make history, join Polly Higgins the legal expert on the law of Ecocide, and be part of the growing local and global community.

After the Floods: Major Conference provides platform for experts in the Water & Environment Sector

'Water & Environment 2014', the CIWEM’s Annual Conference, was a key event for the water and environment sector and took place at the Royal Geographical Society, London, on 8-9 April. Keynote speakers included Lord Chris Smith, who described extreme

'First set the boundary then set in place the greater freedom' by Polly Higgins

When do laws no longer work? When our laws protect greed and not the greater good of society as a whole. Most laws, in particular at an international level, are often drafted without an enforceability mechanism (such as the creation of a crime or by

Kilimanjaro conquered by WHF trustee Lynn Whitnall for the Big Cats of WHF

On January 26th, ten brave conservationists from collections across the country completed their trek of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The group helped to raise the profile of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria’s Pole to Pole campaign.

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